The purpose of this Questionnaire is to help determine the level of collaboration between the educational institutions and the business sector (companies, marketing agencies, producers, artisans) through practice-based design projects (mainly those involving actual clients) that students undertake during their studies. The goal is to try to understand which skills and knowledge contribute to the their professional development and to what extent they contribute to their employability. 

The results of this Questionnaire will be used exclusively for the Practicing Design project, which has the aim of producing a practical training program that will help bridge the gap between the educational and working environment.  

By responding to this Questionnaire you will be contributing to a comparative research that will be used for improving communication and collaboration in the design and business sector in 3 countries: Austria, Croatia and Macedonia.

Therefore, we very much appreciate your time and effort and we thank you in advance for your collaboration!

Intended for highly educated designers:
Analysis of designers’ skills and competencies

Intended for business sector representatives:
Analysis of the needs of the business sector

Intended for design teachers at schools of design:
Analysis of the design curriculum