Based on the Rethinking Design Education Study that detected skills and knowledge needed for employability and not provided by current design curriculums, the project team developed guidance framework for Design Training Programme that is addressing those skills mismatches. The Programme was developed through a series of Training Workshops with experts and a group of design students. All experts worked closely with a group of students over a period of time thus constantly evaluating and improving the teaching and learning methods and determining how to assess the knowledge of learners. The students were asked to evaluate teaching methods thus becoming the co-creators of the learning content.

The main aim of this Design Training Programme is to encourage and develop transversal and entrepreneurship skills. The planning process consisted of different learning stages such as work based learning including traineeships in professional design studio or agency, problem-based learning and project tasks that included enterprise links. The teaching approach underpined the dual system – classroom-based education side by side with hands on experience in the workplace.