The series of 4 Training Workshops commences with the analytical thinking and market research where the production companies provided clear and very concrete assignments for the participating teams. Based on received information, designers started to develop product concepts followed by physical prototype production in collaboration with partner companies. Upon finishing the prototypes, participating teams worked on business plan development, communication of results and plan for production and its feasibility with business sector. At the final training the participating teams upgraded their skills in marketing, market promotion and distribution and communication with end consumers. Within the proposed set of training courses participating teams rounded up the entire process from the initial research till the final testing of the product on the real market. Proposed workshops served to produce effective and easily applicable training material, which can serve Design Education institutions and Design Sector institutions to increase vocational skills.

Four Practicing Design training workshops with a group of young designers and design students and experts from a fields of design and business, in collaboration with established furniture manufacturer, were held in September 2016 in Zagreb in CDA, Prostoria and VERN' University. Deadline for applications was 25th July 2016. Please follow this link for more info about workshops, participants and applications.

Photos and videos:

Workshop 1 - Introduction to business skills; Project task development

Workshop 2 - Concept development

Workshop 3 - Product development

Workshop 4 - Product development and businnes plan drafting; Communication and presentation