Study analyses Rethinking Design Education offers description of actual situation in design education in three countries – Austria, Croatia and Macedonia with regards to efficacy of providing the right skills for employability. It is based on the analyses of specific components of design curriculum and relevant stakeholders.

By analyzing the cases of design curriculums, designers’ skills and competencies after graduation and the business sector relevant to design industry, project team collected and processed all necessary information to ensure that the assessment of future skill requirements and the matching of labor market needs are adequately taken on board in education and training planning processes, which took part in the second phase of the project. By implementing the same research methodology in three countries, the Study comparatively highlighted common problems in the field of design education and tried to illuminate those problems in the second phase of the project. 

The purpose of the Study Rethinking Design Education was to detect skills and knowledge needed for employability and not provided by design curriculums as well as to create guidelines through identification of the main challenges facing the design practice and education in the 21st century through empirical research of the existing skills mismatch in the design curriculums in Croatia, Austria and Macedonia. The Study served as a framework for the final output of the second phase: Practicing Design 1.0 Design Training Programme.

Rethinking Design Education Summary Report

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Rethinking Design Education Study